United by the passion for technology, fueled by multidiscipline expertise,
committed to delivering excellence to our customers and a commitment
to our global partners to create a positive impact for those we serve.

It started in 1995

Reliance RFID began as a spin off of a global technology company formed in 1995. The RFID team was charged with exploring opportunities beyond typical RFID applications for retailers.

After numerous successful results integrating Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Bluetooth (BLE) and GPS technologies to locate assets in a wide variety of environments. The team focused on creating a cloud based platform that linked RFID and IoT devices to deliver solutions for organizations, businesses, and governments to produce end-to-end turn-key custom solutions to fit specific demanding requirements; designed for simple integration with enterprise systems, and as a complete stand-alone solution.

A fundemental Shift

This represented a fundamental shift in the way that RFID has been typically viewed.  Combining our many years of global technology deployment experience we broadly expanded the practical use of RFID applications. Reliance RFID was launched as a stand-alone company.

Today, Reliance RFID has dramatically expanded to become a world class developer and global provider of RFID solutions used to improve workflow, asset tracking, inventory and supply chain management, as well as compliance and real time tracking (RTLS) for weapons tracking and management, tour bus wifi and asset management and passenger transaction reporting.

Launch of DCATS 2.0

Reliance RFID is constantly innovating and harnessing the power of ‘The Internet of Things (IoT)’ for tracking and monitoring purposes. The launch of DCATS 2.0  (Data Collection And Tracking System) in March of 2020 with advanced RFID and IoT functionality has been well received and deployed in the US and Latin America.

Reliance RFID’s experienced team of implementation professionals can design and develop the right solution for you – including the software, hardware, middleware, project engineering and management.

Our in-house staff of project managers, supervisors and technicians provide full service and management for all of our global support teams and global partners.

three Simple steps

Our extensive solutions are continually evolving with new technologies spanning a wide range of technologies from the most advanced networks through to legacy systems. Reliance RFID is always ready to expertly handle your project with excellence.

You only purchase the services you require without budget-breaking expenses, with the confidence that your project will be completed to your satisfaction.

How do we do it?

We do it in three simple steps:

1- We listen to your requirements

2- Layout our approach and identify the deliverables

3- Confirm the project parameters and proceed accordingly

To support our global base of customers and partners, Reliance RFID corporate and support teams are located in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Mexico City, Monterrey, and Cancun. In addition, Reliance RFID works with a network of trusted partners around the globe to identify requirements and create complete, customized solutions to meet the needs of its broad base of global customers.