Drone Reads RFID Tag Affixed to Windshield of Vehicle
Accurate Inventory in a Fraction of the Time...

We Call It DRONEventory!
21st Century Way to Perform Accurate and Time Effecient Vehicle Inventory

Fast and Accurate Way to do Vehicle Inventory

Finding a VIN—the serial number printed on the inside of the car windshield— in a large warehouse or exterior vehicle lot can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  This task is greatly simplified with DRONEventory, a DCATS solution which can do this inventory work much faster than workers on foot, transmitting the correct data to servers in real-time, all without interfering with operations.

RFID Management Asset Tracking with RFID
RFID Management Asset Tracking with RFID

Reduce Inventory and Stock-Check Time by 50%

The DRONEventory (Inventory) process is simple and effective.   A drone equipped with a DCATS RFID reader follows a  pre-designed flightpath over each vehicle, accurately collecting data on each vehicle and uploading it automatically in real-time to the DCATS Platform, it can also be sent to your ERP or other specific application.  There are many operational considerations and available options depending on the specific circumstances of the solution.


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DCATS RFID for Automated Inventory Management and Control

 Collecting the VIN manually is inefficient and error-prone even if you use barcode with a hand-held reader it is still necessary to have  line-of-sight and close proximity to the barcode label.

The worst case scenario is using the pen and paper method. Writing down vehicle identification numbers for several hours leads to decreased accuracy as the day progress and fatigue sets in.

The DRONEventory method provides push-button ease using a drone with a pre-programed specifically designated flightpath equipped with a DCATS Reader is a superior way to do inventory over barcode or manual information gathering and documenting the inventory.

RFID Management Asset Tracking with RFID

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Data Collection And Tracking System

Visibility on individual vehicles

From the moment inventory arrives on the lot, it can be identified and tracked by DCATS RFID. Inventory can be easily and quickly located, and, if necessary, recalled on an individual level.

Reallocate Labor to Other Other Activities

The labor savings of using DRONEventory provides an amazing ROI, however the additional benefit is that it frees-up exiting labor to to other things... Do a cost benefits analysis to determine if this solution is right for your operation.

Automated, fast and accurate inventory management

DCATS provides full control over end-to-end delivery and storage. Providing accurate timely information to help with your inventory control and management requirements. DCATS helps eliminate manual mistakes from occurring.

Simple and easy to use interface

DCATS is very flexible, providing intuitive menus with customizable screens to match the way you mage your data.

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